FleetRight Inc. is an online heavy equipment marketplace that connects buyers, sellers and renters within your community. Our trusted network of industry professionals gives contractors the power to list, request and book heavy equipment nationwide, right at the touch of a button.


The FleetRight team provides renters with a platform that promotes affordable peer-to-peer leases for contracting equipment. Our platform offers innovative web and mobile apps to help you find, order and manage high quality equipment rentals, including data portals to maximize your productivity. Whether you’re looking for a skid steer for a day, a wheel loader for week, or a boom lift for a month, FleetRight provides you with the tools needed to get the job done.


Our on-demand economy marketing place enables contractors to safely earn back your investments on idle equipment by renting to other vetted club members. FleetRight uses background checks and insurance verification to protect you and your equipment, while offering an innovative platform and an easy-to-navigate interface that processes payments for you. Our first-class customer service and growing community of users allows you to improve efficiency and maximize the financial returns on your fleet investments.


By bringing the next generation of technology to your industry, FleetRight is committed to helping contractors and renters just like you. Whether you are looking to rent equipment or increase the value of your fleet, FleetRight is the economical choice for heavy equipment rentals. With FleetRight, you’ll find the right equipment at the right price, right at your fingertips.